Re-Advertised Head of Gender, Financial Services Tanzania (FSDT)- Ajira mpya Tanzania 2018

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The Financial Sector Deepening Trust, Tanzania, aims to contribute towards having all Tanzanians derive value
from regular use of financial services, which are delivered with dignity and fairness. The Trust achieves this
through facilitating the financial markets to work and cater to the needs of its prioritized markets which are;
women, youth, rural dwellers, agriculture and enterprises.

The programme delivers on four strategic outputs that are:

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  • Advocating for an improved policy, institutional, legal and regulatory framework
  • Promoting more relevant market infrastructure and ways to reduce transaction costs between Financial Service Providers (FSPs) and potential clients
  • Stimulating improved access to financial products and services that respond to the needs of Micro- Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
  • Stimulating improved access to financial products and services that respond to the needs of households and individuals.
For more information visit FSDT’s website:
FSDT is seeking to recruit dynamic, strategic, experienced and qualified individuals with strong credentials to fill
the vacant position namely Head of Gender:
Head of Gender
Position Summary
Job Title: Head of Gender
Areas of expertise: Development Finance, policy and regulations, gender and youth analysis & designing
and implementing WEE and youth programs
Reporting to: Operations Director
Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Duration: 2-year renewable contract
FSDT has recently approved a Women and youth market strategies, which aims to prioritize intentional interventions that are aimed at reducing the gender gap as well as effectively mainstreaming gender across the Organization.
The Head of Gender’s functions, activities and responsibilities will indude:
Primary Responsibilities:
The Head of Gender will lead the women and youth function at FSDT to drive and Support the development of inclusive financial markets in Tanzania. The role will Support FSDT’s executive management in developing, implementing, and managing the organization’s Strategie and business plan objectives related to extending financial Services, particular in remote areas and for women and youth markets.
This role will be responsible for overseeing FSDT’s Gender intentional interventions at the Macro, Meso and Micro levels. The role will work dosely with all thematic areas to ensure gender is effectively mainstreamed across all FSDT’s programmatic work. Specific initiatives are aimed at catalysing innovations in products and Services, support policy and regulatory work, and address market asymmetry gaps, in order to drive usage and uptake of financial Services by women and youth in Tanzania.
The Head of Gender will sthve to work dosely with other funders in the Tanzanian market to minimize duplication of effort and to maximize impact of Women and Youth Economic Empowerment activities in the country.
Core responsibilities of this role Include:
  • Driving regulatory and policy analysts and generating thought leadership to stakeholders on opportunities that expand women’s and youth’s active participation in economic activities and in financial intermediations well as address the gender gap.
  • Manage and develop FSDT’s gender Intentional portfollo and support gender malnstream across all thematic projects and Investments at FSDT. The Head of Gender will engage in all stages of project eyde management, from the gestation of an idea to monitoring and evaluation of Key Steps will include market analysis, Strategie and business planning, Strategie linkages, investment opportunity development, project appraisals, as well as monitoring and evaluation.
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This role is expected to lead the team that will design, evaluate, and drive potential Investments that are guided by the women and youth strategy recently approved by FSDT. In partnership with team members, this role will gain approval from the ED/OD, Senior Management Team, investment Committee and or the Project Investment Committee (PIC); oversee and contribute to the drafting of necessary funding agreements; and be dosely involved in the monitoring and, eventually, evaluation of Investments.
Strategically, this role will work with the management team to define and develop the types of interventions that will result in the dramatic uptake and usage of financial Services by women and youth in Tanzania. The objectives within Tanzania’s Financial Inclusion Framework should be taken into consideration to ensure alignment and support of the Government’s financial inclusion objectives/goals.
  • Serve as a thought leader In financial servkes wlthln Tanzanla by bringing Information about innovations, best practices, and successes and lessons learned from other markets to FSDT colleagues, regulators, and the broader
  • Promote broad dlssemlnatlon of Information Indudlng best practices and emerglng trends as well as data analyses on gender Issues in Tanzania and how financial indusion can reduce the gender gaps and ensure early adoption and usage of financial Services among youth.
  • Serve as the Programme resource for gender based questlons and engage with stakeholders on gender issues being addressed by the Provlde speclallst advlce on gender Issues. Serve as the point of contact on gender empowerment issues induding monitoring and evaluation of gender-related impactsand conducts outreach intemally and externally.
  • Provlde technlcal asslstance and support to malnstream gender across all thematlc work at FSDT. The Head of Gender will work with peers within FSDT to provide advice and support to build on a gender sensitive portfolio across the In addition, the role will work dosely with the research team to identify relevant research activities that will catalyse the attainment of women and youth Strategie goals.
  • Provlde advlce on approprlate gender sensitive Indlcators In the performance measurement framework and support colleagues in the monitoring and reporting of Programme results/outputs and objectives against agreed indicators.
  • Support the Executive Dlrector, Operatlons Dlrector, and other management in developing and implementing FSD Tanzania’s broader strategies and business
  • Work closely with management to liaise with stakeholders to facilitate improved policy Implementation, coordination structures and infrastructures that will accelerate women’s financial indusion leading to economic empowerment and youth employment.
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Operations and Administrative Duties
The Head of Gender will be a member of Senior Management Team and will have responsibilities of participating in ensuring that FSDT’s operations and administration runs effectively and efficiently. Given the small size of the FSDT team, all members will be expected to contribute to administration from time to time.
Fiduciary Responsibility
The Head of Gender will take all reasonable Steps to avoid financial losses to FSD Tanzania, control fraud both internally and externally, comply with operating policies and procedures, ensure full transparency and accountability to Trustees, maintain and protect key financial records and data, safeguard confidential Information, and avoid damage to the public reputation of the Trust Reporting to the Commissioner General, the incumbent will be responsible for ensuring Strategic leadership and management to the department that includes developing and implementing strategies and operational plans, objectives, performance Standards and feedback mechanisms for optimising revenue Collection.
The Key Responsibilities of the position will Include:
  • Planning, managing and enforcing Tax laws; enhancing tax compliance; responding promptly to stakeholder’s queries; provoking prompt assessment and Collection of taxes to the Authority on behalf of the Government;
  • Providing advice to the Commissioner General on taxpayers matters such as taxpayers’ returns and debt collection to ensure proper revenue control;
  • Managing operations related to the modemization of Domestic Revenue operations, risk management, and setting and implementing strategies for the achievement of the department objectives;
  • Ensuring a uniform and consistent interpretation of laws through preparing practice notes and public rulings in order to ensure a consistent and uniform application of tax laws;
  • Provide Strategie leadership and ensure that the department processes, operations and practices are in keeping with the Authority Management Systems requirement that indudes ISO, Gemba Kaizen, Enterprise Wide Risk Management and Business Continuity;
  • Managing the Department expenditures within the delegated limits approved by the Board and providing due waming if it appears it is likety to exceed these limits;
  • Managing the department day-to-day operational and administrative matters; and
  • Performing any other duties assigned by the Commissioner General.
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Key Qualifications, Experience and Competences:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration or equivalent;
  • Master s Degree in Tax Management, Business Administration, Finance, Accounting or its equivalent from a recognised University/Higher Leaming Institution;
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) qualification or its equivalent from a recognised institution;
  • A Post-graduate Diploma in Tax Management or its equivalent will be an added advantage;
  • Ten (10) years’work experience of which five (5) should be at senior management level.
  • Knowledge of local and regional technical tax matters as well as tax laws;
  • Excellent analytical and planning skills;
  • Strang leadership and interpersonal skills with the ability to develop team work;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage change in a reputable large size Organisation;
  • Effective communication skills coupled with the ability to effectively network with stakeholders.
Candidates should be persistent, patient, and unflappable under pressure.

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Mode of Application
Candidates meeting the required qualifications should send their written applications along with the following
  •  A detailed typed Curriculum Vitae (CV) with names of three referees, their addresses, telephone numbers
    and e-mail address if any.
Applications should be submitted by electronically indicating the position you are applying for and job
reference in the subject line and send to [email protected]. All applications should be submitted not later than
10 September, 2018.
Applications, which are submitted late, will be disqualified. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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