Finance and Compliance at Ministry of Health (Wizara ya afya) through Global Fund Grants September 2018

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Employment Opportunity

Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC) through Global Fund Grants is looking for enthusiastic, creative and energetic individuals to fill the following vacant positions:-

Job Tittle:  Finance and Compliance (1 Position)
Location: Dodoma
Reporting To: Global Fund Coordinator
Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Assist the GF Coordinator with the communication between the MoHSW Permanent Secretary and GF supported programmes (NACP, NMCP, NTLP, HSS) and external agencies (MSD, TFDA, NIMR) on financial matters as outlined in these ToR.
  2. Collect information from GF supported programmes and compile monthly “Flash Reports” on overall financial disbursement progress for submission to M&E Supervisor and GF Coordinator by end of second week every month.
  3. Scrutinize quarterly progress reports from GF supported programmes; compare with planned activities; summarize findings in brief reports to GF Coordinator by end of the month into the subsequent quarter. Also provide written feedback on the report to individual programmes.
  4. On request from GF Coordinator prepare background documentation for and/or participate in ad hoc consultations with the MoHSW Permanent Secretary, the GF supported programmes and the external agencies.
  5. Write feedback reports to GF supported programmes and external agencies on all financial reports submitted to or through the GFCU. These feedback reports should be discussed at GFCU’s weekly coordination meetings and final reports should be transmitted to programmes/agencies within ten days of receiving the reports.
  6. Assist with preparation of and participate in regular two-monthly meetings with programmes and external agencies.
  7. Prepare documentation, reports, presentations etc. for GF programmes’ external stakeholders (LFA and GF; TNCM; MoF; and PMO-RALG) as outlined in these ToR or requested by the GF Coordinator.

Scrutinize and submit recommendations for endorsement of GF Coordinator regarding GF supported programmes’ performance in terms of timely and high quality financial reporting to:
LFA and GF (PUDR, EFR, audit reports)
TNCM (Dash Boards – financial information)
GF Finance and compliance Officer: Keep oversight and ensure follow-up with GF supported programmes on timely and accurate adherence to:

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  1. Conditions Precedent related to financial management issues.
  2. Special Conditions related to financial management issues.
  3. Time Bound Actions related to financial management issues.
  4. Report monthly to GF Coordinator on status and progress with compliance on CPs, SCs, and TBAs
  5. GF Finance and compliance Officer: Maintain financial controls according to the LSR financial management roles and responsibilities outlined in the Operations Manual for GF grants including:

Banking function for GF funds;

  • Maintenance of GF financial data into a comprehensive accounting data base system
  • Request for disbursement from PR through the six-monthly PUDRs;
  • Pre- award assessment of SSRs before starting grant implementation for all grant phases;
  • Transfer GF funds to the SSRs after every disbursement notification received from GF;
  • Submission of accounting and financial reporting for monthly flash reports and quarterly financial progress reports;
  • Verification of SSRs financial reports every quarter – to cover all SRs in a year;
  • Receive and consolidate reports from the SSRs and submit to PR through the six-monthly PUDRs;
  • Monitor fund absorption rates through monthly flash reports;
  • Ensure tax exemptions are secured through monitoring of quarterly incurred procurements;
  • Ensure that GF funds are included in the MTEF Budget;
  • Ensure independent annual financial audit of its programme revenue and expenditure and those of the SSRs.
  • Ensure that all SSRs submit financial statements to OIG by 30th September every year.

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  • Facilitate and participate in the LFA’s verification of PUDRs on request by the GF Coordinator.
  • Participate in the planning and preparation of new GF projects, project phases and support modalities, as directed by the GF Coordinator.
  • Assist the GF Coordinator to provide relevant information and otherwise facilitate the PS, CMO, and Programme Managers’ participation in TNCM, GF Missions, and other GF related events.
  • Assist programmes and external agencies with assessment of capacity enhancement requirements and advise on capacity building opportunities as directed by the GF Coordinator.
  • Maintain in-debt insight with GF programmes’ and external agencies’ Financial Management systems, visit all programmes/agencies at least once every two months, record findings from these visits, and write feedback reports initially for discussion at the GFCU coordination meetings and subsequently – within ten days of each visit – provide the endorsed feedback to programmes/agencies.
  • Act on behalf of the GF Coordinator when specifically designated and requested to fulfil such tasks.
  • Participate in weekly GFCU coordination meetings.
  • Submit monthly work plan for consideration by the GF Coordinator one day before the last GFCU meeting in a preceding month.
  • Abide by work plans approved by the GF Coordinator unless otherwise specifically agreed with the GF Coordinator.
  • Ensure that relevant Financial Management documentation is shared with colleagues in the GFCU.
  • Ensure that all documentation under the purview of GF Finance and compliance Officer is submitted to the GF Grants Officer for soft and hard filing.
  • To ensure Grant disbursement releases from MOHCDGEC to Sub-recipients and implementers within 15 calendar days of receipt from MoFP
  • Compliant and quality assured Grant Financial reports prepared by disease programmes
  • To prepare Internal Audit Report (quarterly)
  • To prepare Report on status of Grant covenants, management actions and audit recommendations (internal and external) (semi-annually)

Experience and Qualifications:

  • CPA holder with Bachelor degree in Finance, Accountancy, or its Equivalent 5 years working experience with donor funded projects.
  • Experience and knowledge in Project Management Skills.
  • Expertise in Risk Management.
  • Management Accounting and Control Systems
  • Knowledge of legal requirement and control is an added advantage.
  • Critical problem solving ability.
  • Excellent Communication Skills are important.
  • Must be Conversant with several accounting systems e.g. EPICOR

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Terms of Employment: 2.3 year Contract (Renewable based on Performance and availability of funds)

Details on How to Apply:
If you believe you are the ideal person we are looking for, please send your cover letter describing why you are the right candidate for the position, a curriculum vitae/resume detailing your experience, relevant copy of certificates and three (3) professional referees from previous and current place of employment. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and all interview costs will be borne by the applicants. Successfully candidates should be ready to relocate to Dodoma. To find out more about these positions kindly visit
Note: All applications should be sent on or before 12th September, 2018 to:-  
Permanent Secretary, 
Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, 
University of Dodoma, 
Faculty of Social Science in Community Development, 
Building No 11, P.O Box 743, 
40478 DODOMA.

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