TB/HIV Advisor at CTS Global - March 2018

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Service Title: D. TB/HIV Advisor
Estimated Period of Performance: 6/15/2018 – 6/14/2023
Place of Performance: CDC Office, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Embassy Access and Security Level: 5
Service Objectives:
Serve as a Technical Advisor to CDC Tanzania on the National Tuberculosis Leprosy Program (NTLP) and assist in the improvement and expansion of effective diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of tuberculosis, with particular emphasis on HIV-related tuberculosis. Provide medical and epidemiological advice, consultation, and human capacity building as an international expert in TB/HIV as it applies to countries with a high TB and significant TB/HIV burden; and with particular emphasis on the Three-I’s (intensified TB case finding, isoniazid preventive therapy, and infection control).
D.1 Task Requirements (Description of Tasks):
  1. Guide the further development of CDC-Tanzania TB and TB/HIV program implementation strategy and implementation science, focusing on technical support to NTLP and HIV/AIDS Programs, addressing TB/HIV program priorities, particularly infection control, and addressing implementation science questions where there are either national or global gaps in knowledge. Routine data analysis use and support to priority epidemiologic surveys should be a key focus.
  2. Provide technical expertise to CDC Tanzania on National TB and HIV Programs ensuring the successful implementation of the CDC/PEPFAR-supported TB and TB/HIV program implementation. This will be done in close liaison with the CDC Division of Global HIV/AIDS and TB, and other appropriate CDC Atlanta units, and in coordination with the Tanzania PEPFAR program.
  3. Assist CDC-Tanzania project officers/program lead for TB/HIV activities under cooperative agreements with technical and programmatic reviews
  4. Ensure that all MER projects achieve the specific objectives for the program and/or those appropriate remedial activities are implemented.
  5. In collaboration with CDC program and science staff, develops program evaluation strategies, methodologies and indicators for monitoring clinical HIV/TB services in accordance with standard guidelines and protocols.
  6. Conduct site visits with CDC staff to support project implementation.
  7. Travel in the country (Tanzania) to fulfil a specific program’s monitoring or training requirements and share expertise in disease intervention, public health practices, etc.
  8. Actively participate in respective program branch meetings.
Minimum Qualifications and/or Certifications:
a. Graduation from an accredited university with an MD and/or a PhD in epidemiology or related field, from an accredited college and/or university.
b. At least seven years of experience in HIV/AIDS and TB programs, preferably in a resource-limited setting
c. Demonstrated experience in providing technical assistance to Ministries of Health, including in areas of strategic planning, program implementation, guidelines development, strategic information and health information systems, and supply chain.
d. Specific experience in M&E, operational research and implementation science desired.
e. At least three years of substantial knowledge of PEPFAR programs is desirable
f. Ability to demonstrate excellent time and project management skills
g. Level IV English proficiency required
h. Ability to effectively communicate in English (Speaking, Writing, and Reading) on a daily basis with various groups.
i. Ability to work full-time and to be located in Tanzania required.
Travel Amount (Only applies to the performance of Task Order):
1 A trip to the USA for an estimated 2 weeks
1 A trip to South Africa for an estimated 1week
1 A trip to Dodoma, Tanzania for an estimated 2 weeks
1 A trip to Abuja for an estimated 2 weeks
1 A trip to Moshi for an estimated 15 days
(Includes Transportation, Lodging/M&IE, etc)Interested candidates should email their cover letter and CV to TaNisha Harris [email protected]
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