New Ventures Associate: Seed, Iringa, Tanzania. March 2018

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Description of the work

To make it more effective across the country for more farming families, the One Acre Fund is developing new businesses within the company to drive innovation in retail, finance and marketing across the country. rural communities. In particular, the Seed Unit is developing a portfolio of seed programs in all markets to improve access and demand for improved seed.

Improved Seed is a proven technology that can result in significant increases in earnings and profits, with a minimum of behavioural changes and a required financial investment. However, in many Sub-Saharan African countries, the use of improved seeds is below 25%. The increasing adoption of improved seeds by millions of smallholders in these countries has the potential impact of billions of dollars.

Seed-related work is one of the organization's priorities for impacting farmers, and the seed unit will continue to grow rapidly in terms of both work and size. The goal of most innovations is to scale them to reach large populations and get the most impact.

We are looking for exceptional people who come to this team in the initial phase. Strong candidates would be considered for a central leadership role within the seed unit, managing regional or national companies and expanding this work to support farmers in several new markets.

Members of the seed unit will.

  • Design innovative essays to enhance effective interventions at the regional and national level. Examples of projects are Large-scale marketing campaigns: Basic farming knowledge and inputs such as seeds enable farmers to produce more food for their families. Unfortunately, most households in most markets do not know this basic information. The One Acre Fund conducts multi-market marketing campaigns to expand these efforts nationwide to better inform millions of farmers on how to increase their yields.
  • Supply Chain Innovation: In some markets, farmers are aware of the benefits of the latest seed technology, but access to the rural communities they need most can be very limited. One Acre Fund seeks to innovate at various points in the supply chain to increase the availability of the most productive seed.
  • Develop strategies and stimulate innovation
  • Members of the Seed Unit team will coordinate the research and evaluation of new opportunities and write essays to test ideas.
  • High-level data analysis across the country to create strategic plans for selecting next steps and locations
  • Work with M & E teams to create an impact measurement process to assess the impact of our actions on farmers in the short and long-term
  • Explore New Locations: Develop Assessment Criteria to Explore the Best Seed Program Locations
  • Create and manage a team: Hire a team, develop it, and run it to effectively work on-site.
  • Coordinate with external partners: Manage relationships with key partners relevant to our work. Partners include seed company managers, local distributors, government officials, etc.
  • Growth and career development
  • One Acre Fund invests in building management and leadership skills. Your manager invests a lot of time in the development of your career. We provide consistent and sustained feedback through mentoring and regular reviews of management consulting-style careers. We also have regular one-to-one meetings where we pursue and discuss professional goals and work together to create roles that can inspire every person. Due to our rapid growth, we are constantly coming up with new high-level roles that open and deliver in many functions. This leads to a fast professional growth of our employees.


We are looking for 2+ / 5+ years of professional experience and ideally a passion that shows in international development. It is strongly recommended that the candidates meet the criteria
solid work experiences Examples of this are demanding work experience or a successful work experience (eg a conference of the journey, the establishment of a company, the fixed services of the Peace Corps).
Experimenting with innovative ideas and possibilities. We are looking for an entrepreneur at heart.
Leadership experience at work or out of work.
He showed his passion for relationships with stakeholders in the public and private sectors.
High-performance academic experience (including GPA in your resume).
Demuth. We are looking for committed professionals who combine strong leadership skills with good humour, patience and a modest approach to serving our growing family of leaders.
Language: English required.
No special experience velvet or needed in agriculture.




Start small. However, there is a career position with a rapid increase in performance to pay a high salary for long-term investment in developing countries.


Insurance, vaccinations, flight, accommodation and meals.



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