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Job title: Environmental Officer
Location Kigoma, Tanzania- U.R. from
Competition number 14820

The Environmental Officer will work closely with colleagues in the areas of water and sanitation, housing, nutrition, education, health, social services, and livelihoods. The incumbent will assist the UNHCR Bureau on all environmental, autonomy and housing/infrastructure issues and ensure that UNHCR policy is in line with global and national strategies.

Frequent and frequent discussions are required between the incumbent and his supervisors, including at headquarters, to ensure that the latest environmental best practices and practices are consistently used and applied. The incumbent will carry out field missions and contact offices to carry out environmental, self-care and accommodation/site planning programs. In addition, staff will be in regular contact with United Nations technical services and implementation and operational partners.

Refugee operations are inherently degrading environmental conditions due to changes in land use and increased use of natural resources. It is important to ensure that measures are taken to reduce the environmental impact in order to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources for healthy refugees and host communities.

Proactive coordination and collaboration with key stakeholders, including refugees and host communities, is needed to pool resources. Interventions are based on tests to ensure their appropriateness. In addition to environmental impact assessments, environmental and social impact assessments will be required to assess the operation.

The owner must be able to work with minimum supervision in the presentation of projects, revisions, and reassignments throughout the life cycle of the project. He/she will be instrumental in developing specific sectoral inputs and meeting reporting requirements.


- Assist in the establishment of partnerships with ministries, NGOs, other UN agencies, and donors, as well as in coordinating the planning of measures to combat environmental damage associated with refugees in the country.
- Technical advice will be provided to develop project proposals and support the implementation of the environmental and self-sustaining project program.
- UNHCR management will be assisted in setting up coordination, monitoring and evaluation systems, including mechanisms for the exchange of information on the environment, energy sources and livelihoods.

- assist, in cooperation with relevant stakeholders, the Office in carrying out regular assessments of the environmental conditions in refugee reception areas and how these conditions are influenced by the presence of refugee camps; Collect and update data on key areas such as the environment, energy, livelihood and housing, and find ways to mitigate the impact on natural resources.
- Make an assessment of the current national energy situation in the refugee camps with the people affected.
- Provide project management support for environmental audits carried out at the Nyarugusu, Mtendeli and Nduta refugee camps, as required by the National Environmental Agency.
- Providing technical support to the Global Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) team in Tanzania and facilitating discussion with UNHCR colleagues and partners on operational access to energy and environmental measures, seek synergies with the Green Fund.
- Provide technical support to the GCF and facilitate discussion with UNHCR colleagues and partners on baseline surveys and development of concept papers for energy and environmental measures and, where possible, search for synergies with the CRRF.
- Provide technical information and link with the United Nations Joint Program for North-West Tanzania on environmental protection and the fight against deforestation.
- Based on the evaluation and in consultation
Qualifications and desired skills.
- Budget skills, planning, and management, the ability to work with different software (relevant).
- Knowledge of the national language is an advantage.
positioning capabilities
C001L3 - Responsibility Level 3
C002L3 - Teamwork, and Collaboration Level 3
C003L3 - Communication level 3
C004L3 - Commitment to continuous learning 3
C005L3 - Customer Orientation Level and Result 3
C006L3 - Level of Organizational Awareness 3
M001L3 - Empowerment and Confidence Level 3
M003L3 - Judgment and decision making level 3
M006L3 - Level 3 resource management
X001L3 - Analytical Thinking Level 3
X005L3 - Level 3 Planning and Organization
X008L3 - Stakeholder Management Level 3

Experiences of political, economic and cultural development affecting the protection environment in the countries of origin of the refugees and the country of asylum and advising the management;
Ability to monitor all protection and field activities to ensure harmonized practices in all field offices;
Ability to conduct in-depth interviews with refugees with complex cases;
Ability to respond to asylum applications and take appropriate action on the  problems to which they are exposed;
Ability to fully integrate with government agencies and local authorities on all refugee protection issues
Ability to monitor activities in all sectors on the ground to ensure adequate integration of protection in all sectors;
Demonstration as a focus with the protection unit for the following activities in this area (environment, currency interventions, and connectivity;
Strong analytical skills to manage individual protection cases;

The Kigoma region has complex humanitarian emergencies in which UNHCR aims to coordinate, protect and assist asylum seekers, refugees from Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and more than 162,000 former refugees. Burundi refugees to Tanzania have been naturalized and there are more than 60,000 people of interest. which remain without lasting solutions.
The current review, registration, and investigation of the intent in the Kigoma region will review those who have not yet been naturalized. Due to the complicated and politically sensitive nature of naturalization, it is important for the realization of lasting solutions to have a protective staff who understand the context and the associated sensitivities.

Infrastructure and basic equipment in the city;
Health facilities available on-site;
Malaria is widespread in the mission zone.
Education available for children;
local banking facilities;
Relatively warm environment with daily temperature fluctuations;
The office guest house facilities should not be housed in private homes;
Frequent trips to mission in deep places;

The security situation is weak (level 2);

Although English is the only basic language, knowledge about another language of the UN, such as French, would be important
an asset;
Although English is the only basic language, knowing the local Swahili language would be beneficial.
Since the incumbent will oversee some staff at different levels, a P3 candidate will be essential.
Please note that the deadline for all holidays in Add.2 of the Compendium of September 2017 is Monday, February 12 (Midnight, Geneva time).

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