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Employment Opportunities at The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA)

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Tanzania (TCAA) was established to regulate the civil aviation industry to ensure the effective implementation of the standards and recommended practices (SARPs) set out in the annexes to the Convention on Civil Aviation. Chicago on the organization of civil aviation. International Civil Aviation (ICAO). and a safe environment for civil aviation in the United Republic of Tanzania. In order to regulate this task and to monitor the functions of the aviation industry in an efficient, sustainable and profitable and the provision of air navigation services, TCAA invites Tanzanian citizens to occupy the following positions. vacancies;


A.1  JOB TITLE: AIR NAVIGATION ENGINEER II (6 POSITIONS: Julius Nyerere International Airport – 2,  Kilimanjaro International Airport – 1, Abeid Aman Karume International Airport (Zanzibar)– 1, Mwanza Airport – 1 and  Songwe Airport – 1)
Responsible for the respective station.

Basic function:
Support (during FCE) in the maintenance of communication, navigation and monitoring equipment.

Duties and responsibilities

To monitor and record the daily service of CNS teams
To perform corrective maintenance of CNS equipment
To help take records in the registry and in other forms
To support the preventive maintenance
Assistance with the installation of CNS systems
To perform other related tasks that the supervisor might influence.

Minimum qualifications

Has a degree in telecommunications or electronics or equivalent professional qualifications, issued by the recognized institution of ICAO, who will complete a CNS integration course and a course on the concept of CNS equipment. You must be registered as a qualified engineer.

Content: in the content of TCAA SS.7
Age limit: not older than 28


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