Coordinator at Ngara District Offices-Tanzania

Position: Coordinator of the regional action program for the Rusumo Falls Equatorial Lakes regional hydropower project

Notice for hiring a local coordinator of the Local Development Plan (LADP) of Tanzania

1. Description of the project
The Rusumo Falls (RRHP) regional hydropower project is one of the priority regional projects in the Nile countries and aims to develop a low-hydropower plant with an installed capacity of approximately 80 MW, spread evenly among the three countries. , The associated water infrastructure will be located at the Rusumo Falls, where the Kagera River forms the border between Tanzania and Rwanda, and (ii) the transmission facilities linking the power plant to the national networks of Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania.

The Local Development Plan (LADP) is a profit-sharing program designed to improve regional economic and social development in the project area. The LADP project area includes the district of Ngara in Tanzania, the district of Kirehe and Ngoma in Rwanda, and the communities of Giteranyi (Muyinga Province) and Busoni (Kirundo Province) in Burundi.

2. Institutional agreement of the project
The project implementation modalities are as follows: (a) Rusumo Power Company Limited (RPCL), the owner of the project, and (b) NELSAP, acting as the implementing agency of the RPCL's LPCP project, will be assisted by district authorities with the support/supervision of NELSAP PIU

3. Goal
The Terms of Reference (ToR) is linked to the position of the LADP coordinator, NELSAPRusumo Project Implementation Unit, to support the daily activities related to the implementation of the Local Development Plan (LADP) in the Ngara district. ,
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 4. Qualification and experience required
The LADP coordinator will be selected according to the following criteria:
(a) Degree in agronomy, sociology, developmental studies, social anthropology, community development, political science, project management, engineering or related fields.
(b) Experience in the development and application of participatory approaches at all levels (national and community), preferably in a complex project with concrete positive effects on the implementation of the project.
(c) At least seven (7) years of professional experience in implementing projects and participatory approaches with a range of stakeholders with proven practical experience in project planning supervision and evaluation.
(d) excellent consensus, multicultural and interpersonal skills; Strengthen Hardware and Monitoring Capabilities Knowledge and skills in using consensus building tools will be beneficial.
(e) Excellent writing, analysis, presentation and reporting skills
(f) You must be fluent in English or French and proficiency in both languages is an advantage. You also need to communicate in the local language (Kiswahili)
(g) be well informed in the administrative configuration and hierarchy of Tanzania and have in-depth knowledge of the cultures, livelihood strategies of the communities covered by the activities of the LADP.
(h) good computer skills, including knowledge of word processing packages, databases, and spreadsheets; Familiarity with the modern communication system (Internet, Internet, e-mail, etc.).
(i) The experience of working in international contexts and donor organizations is an asset and in particular familiarity with the policies, procedures, and practices of the major bilateral and multilateral development agencies.
(j) You want to work and live in the project area, as the work requires.

Interested applicants must submit their application by sending:
(i) A cover letter containing a statement of the applicant's interest in the given mission and adequacy on the basis of the mandate given
(ii) Curriculum vitae with date of birth and nationality (CV format recommended as an attachment in TORS on the website)
(iii) copies of academic and vocational training certificates

Closing date is February 19, 2018 before 17:00 clock.

Qualified candidates should send their CVs and Cover letter via e-mail:
and with a copy to and

The Terms of Reference (TOR) listed below can be viewed.
Website: and

  • All inquiries must be sent by e-mail to the above addresses.
  • All applications must be delivered via e-mail to the addresses above.
  • Hard copies can also be submitted to Ngara District Office.

While we thank you interest, only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.

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