Assistant Lecturers - Banking at IFM (Mwanza Centre)

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IFM was established by Law # 3 of 1972 to provide education, research and consulting in the banking, insurance, social protection, tax, accounting and related disciplines.The Institute of Financial Management (IFM) invites qualified Tanzanians to fill the following positions:

Assistant Lecturers - 1 post in Banking (Mwanza Center)

Duties and responsibilities
(i) organizing conferences, research, tutoring seminars;
(ii) prepare case studies;
(iii) work with senior officials on specific projects such as research and advice;
(iv) supervising student projects.

A master's degree in the relevant field of study from recognized colleges with a first degree in banking and finance with an average of at least 3.8.

This post has a PHTS 2 salary scale and other complementary benefits under the Institute Incentive Plan.

NB: General conditions
I. All applicants must be citizens of Tanzania and must not be older than 45 years.
ii. Applicants must submit an updated and updated CV with a postal address, e-mail address and reliable telephone numbers.
iii. Applicants must submit an application with the strength of the information in this communication.
iv. The title of the desired position must appear in the subject line of the application letter; less of it will invalidate the application.
v. The title of the requested body must be noted on the envelope; less of it will invalidate the application.
seen. Applicants must enclose their certified copies of the detailed academic certificates:

  • Graduate / Graduate / Higher Diploma / Diploma / Certificates.
  • Postgraduate / Graduate Transcripts / Diploma / Diploma.
  • National Examination Certificates for Form IV and Form VI.
  • Computer certificate
  • Professional certificates of the respective councils
  • A photo of a current passport and a birth certificate.

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vii. The Result slips of  Form IV and VI are not

viii. Testimonies, sub-protocols and summaries of the results will not be accepted.
ix. Submission of forged academic credentials and other information in the CV requires legal action.
X. Applicants for management positions who are currently employed in the civil service must send their letter of application through their respective employers.
xi. Applicants at entry levels who are currently employed in the civil service may not apply; they must comply with the Government letter. CAC.
45/257/01 / D / 140 of 30 November 2010.
xii. Applicants who have left the civil service for whatever reason should not apply.
xiii. Applicants must specify three trusted contacts.
xiv. Certificates from foreign universities must be reviewed by the Tanzania Universities Commission (TCU).
xv. Application deadline is February 16, 2018, at 15:30.
xvi. Application letters must be written in English.

Application letters should be published at the following address.

Manual delivery is unacceptable:

Institute of Financial Management (IFM)
5 Rue Shaaban Robert,
P.O. Box 3918,

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