Career Opportunities at The World Vision Tanzania, January 2018 (3 Posts)

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Field Monitor

Reference number: 9274-17N09098
Location: Africa - Tanzania
City / Town: Kigoma
Deadline for submitting your application: 31 January 18
Category: field operations
Type: Fixed term, full time
International function: No: only national candidates will be considered.
Duration: 1-2 years

Description of the work
Purpose of the position:
Monitor delivery, distribution, documentation and reports on all refugee-backed products. Working hand in hand with members of the rescue committee
Observe the mission and core values ​​of World Vision and show a spiritual quality of life that sets an example for others

Major Responsibilities

  • Make sure that all products delivered in the FDP are recorded correctly.
  • On the basis of the approved distribution plan you inform the rescue committees about the expected amounts of feed and rationing plans.
  • Control the movement of goods, including the delivery of products in the PDF. Supervision of the loading / unloading of food / non-food products to ensure the accuracy of quantity, content and quality according to the shipping instructions. Check the signatures on the bill of lading documents as well as the losses and damages and exaggerations. In case of damage, arrange the reconstitution.
  • Monitor the distribution process in collaboration with the rescue committees and ensure that adequate rations are distributed (Shared Shelter). Make sure that damaged products are not distributed to the beneficiaries.
  • After distribution, make sure empty containers are corrected and counted

Liaison and beneficiary relations

Facilitate the organization of the community and with the help of the aid committees. The composition of the relief committees must include at least 50% of women.
Facilitate the process of checking the card by aid committees before distribution.
Help the community solve problems related to the food distribution process
Coordination and contact with local authorities, NGOs and partners, provision of information on the registration of beneficiaries, distribution of products, distribution plans,
Identify and recommend other needs such as medical care, additional food needs, development activities or other rehabilitation and / or development activities.
Treat the beneficiaries with respect and dignity.


Make sure that the goods movement and distribution documentation is properly maintained and sent to the distribution center supervisor
Examine the bill of lading, including underweight and loss if necessary.
Ensure sufficient documentation of the reconstituted products.
Report security incidents in distribution centers.
Training of support committees based on the principles of the food aid program
Send a report to each distribution cycle, separated by gender (obtained from group leaders)

Qualifications: Education / Knowledge / Technical Skills and Experience
The following elements can be acquired through a combination of formal or self-learning studies, previous experience or in-service training:

A minimum qualification is required

Diploma in Acquisitions and Logistics / Supply Management, Business Administration and / or Accounting, Education and other Social Sciences.
Secondary education with at least 5 years experience in the position with strong skills in mathematics / analytics
Good understanding of World Vision and Sphere standards.
Knowledge and adherence to the Code of Conduct of the Red Cross and NGOs.
Good interpersonal skills
Practical knowledge of the local language.



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