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Study and Get a Paid Internship as a Software Engineer in the USA

Study full time at our fully accredited campus near Chicago, USA. UU In the first 8-9 months
Get a full-time internship with top companies such as Amazon and Microsoft as a software developer. Starting salaries average $ 80,000 a year.
Get Extended Financial Support - Low Down Payment
Learn about the latest software developments from PhD teachers
Join 2,200 international graduates and 800 current students


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related subject
  • You need at least 2.7 of the 4 accumulated GPAs
  • Experience as a software developer:
  • At least 6 months with 4 years diploma / 1-3 years with 3 years diploma

Seniors from top universities with a high-grade point average and no work experience can apply.
Knowledge of C, C #, C ++ or Java
Good English knowledge

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